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Climate Change Project
Thursday, 19 January 2017 12:00

A community group is collaborating with the Public Health and Forestry Departments to implement a pilot project geared towards climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Mr. Conley Rose, Director and curator of the local River Bank Gardens Environment Protection/Climate Change Project, said that the organisation, which he has headed for the past 9 years, has been instrumental in promoting environmental protection in the Stoney Ground community, with the assistance of the Solid Waste Department.

Climate Change is real and it is being felt right across the length and breadth of St. Vincent and the Grenadines today – as it threatens poor vulnerable communities. This project, the first of its kind, involves the planting of grass in Stoney Grounds, to prevent land slippage and degradation, and the removal of two garbage dumps in the area of the river.

Mr. Rose said that his organisation has also been instrumental in planting trees, which prevents land degradation and slippage.

He also noted that the objective of the project is to protect the environment for future generations.

Mr. Rose also expressed the view that much more needs to be done in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in order to bring about a greater level of awareness of the effects of climate change.

On Thursday, 19th January, the organisation will host a fundraising event, to secure funds for the production of a documentary on climate change.